Monday, 13 September 2010



Nick Cave - Art in Motion

Stupidly excited about this guy's work he is a is a Professor and Chair of the Fashion Department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where he teaches in the Fiber Arts Program, he has won many awards for these amazing costumes, some of them he's called 'sound suits' because of the sound's they make when moved about in.

oh the colours and you can almost fell the texture just by looking at this picture there designed for performing in as you can tell by how it looks when the sound suit is moving.


going to carry on looking into this guy..


Monday, 6 September 2010

Painting I did of my main man Hendrix

           ..JIMI HENDRIX..

Inspired by an image I saw on google Painted using ink's on paper

For my National Dipolma Final Major Project

A Velvet cape with feather detailing Modeled at the fashion show by Natt Wilson

Waistcoat Modeled at fashion show by Redd Hutchinson


The Beginning's of the lining..


I'm making a suit based on Jazz music after a good 3 days of drawing out this design, it's ready to screen print wahoo.!!

here's one of my tester piece's which I've used flock foil on a navy suit fabric..

Cool Louie Armstrong Poster I found with research..!!   

I need to flip that around!! This is the final Colours and fabric's..

My dog Jonty "helping" haha

I'm plleassee'd witht he result's I'll load some of the original drawings and final lining soon