Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Adam Wallacavage

.."Ski Lodge - Under Water - Vampire - Theme"..

Browsing the magic of the internet this morning I landed on Adam Wallacavage and this is why I waste so much time on the computer when I could be doing something productive, there's so many things to find out and get inspired about. 

Hes made these incredible Chandeliers, octopus legs weaving and winding in between each other making really interesting shapes.

I don't even want to gander at how much one of these would cost, the idea makes so much sense though when you think about chandelier shapes and the main silhouette of an octopus.

"If I think to much, it doesn't  work"
I love this quote I think Herman Hesse used to say this aswell.

He also collaborates with other artists in a company called 'Curio' making amazing wall paper design
which is worth a look at

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