Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Ralph Steadman

.. Hunter .S. Thompson's Illustrator..

I have recently finished 'The rum diary's' a brilliant book by Hunter .S. Thompson. An American novelist and massive character who had his ashes blasted out of a canon on the top of a tower, the most rock and roll novelist I've ever heard of. If you need proof I'd advice you to read 'Fear and Loathing' 
I will most likely be dedicating a post to him very soon but for now  


 Ralph Steadman had a long partnership with Thompson drawing illustrations for his novels, articles and so on..

My bestest buddy brought me this book for my birthday, one of the best presents I have ever received.. Alice And Wonderland Illustrated by Ralph Steadman the art work in it is so good and it matches the book perfectly with its querky, weird, mad, amazingness. 



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